Memory Foam Mattresses

Premium Memory Foam Mattresses Our memory foam mattresses are made to a very high specification: Superb comfort and durable Made in Canada, not from China with harmful chemicals. Respond to and support

Foam cut to size and shape

Standard and customized sizes available. We can custom cut any size mattress for your specific needs. A Cover can be sewn to match your custom size.
Testimonials from our customers!

Testimonials from our customers!

I live in Cloverdale and ordered the foam for my Box Beds seats from MMfoam. They are very helpful. From ordering to delivery was less than a 3 days. The foam was perfect, exactly what I required. An excellent company, service and staff. Thanks a lot. Would strongly...

Lowest prices of Sponge/Memory Foam Mattresses

Lowest prices of Sponge/Memory Foam Mattresses

Find lowest prices of Sponge/Memory Foam Mattresses, Custom Cut Foam, Headboards & Bed Frames at MM Sponge & Foam Fabrications Ltd. Call MM Foam at 778-565-8291 to order your next sponge / memory foam mattress with bed frames and headboards


Gurminder Deol

I ordered the foam for re-cushioning of my old sofa which I love too much. Got the size and density exactly as described and just what I wanted. Having the foam cut to the shape and exact dimensions I needed added years to my sofa set. I thought it was extremely reasonably priced.

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